Monday, September 12, 2011


Last year at this time, I was already gearing up for Halloween. By October 31st, I was really ready to take it all down! So, this year I'm taking my time with the season and coming up with some Fall-ish decor. I'm not quite ready for all the pumpkins and harvest decor just yet, however Fall will soon be here so why not decorate for it?! I found this little Owl at the Habitat For Humanity store for $3. It's actually a piggy bank. I knew with a little spray paint, this owl would look like it came straight from trendy store.

I also had this little green Owl that I made over for Earth Day. You can see that makeover HERE. I really don't have a lot of green decor in my home and I was so sad to take him down after Earth Day. I figured, maybe if I made him a neutral color I could put him out more to dress an end table or cabinet.

So, with the help of Rustoleum White Spray Paint, these two little guys went from this.....

to this! Paint always amazes me. It can make the ugliest thing so stinking cute. I put them up on my mantel shelves with some other Fall touches.

I will share the rest of the mantel with you tomorrow. Till then...

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  1. There's nothing that a little bit of spray paint can't fix! So cute - and different! :)

  2. I.Love.Owls!! Yours are too cute! I have one very similar to your first owl, and it is just so cute! Don't they just make you smile! :)

  3. Those are great. I found a pair of owls at a yard sale and they were a gross brown. I spray painted them an awesome teal-ish color to go with my room. Spray paint rocks.

  4. love it!

    i'm going to do the same to mine TODAY!!! so excited to spray paint my thrift store find.

    thanks for linking up to the party!


  5. love the white and what a little spray paint can do is amazing:)

  6. I love, love, love it!! I've been searching everywhere for some owls of my own. No luck yet, but I'm going to keep searching!
    They look great!

  7. Very cute! Spray paint is amazing.

  8. love them!! i love spraypainting owls. I've been on the search for some at the thrift store and haven't found any yet. The white one turned out so very cute :)

  9. I have been a bit owl obsessed lately... glad to know I am not the only one! :)

    ~ Meredith From A Mother Seeking

    A Mother Seeking...

    My City Backyard Garden


  10. I did the same thing with owls this year for my Halloween decor :) That's awesome that you have family in ND, where so? Also, I love how our blog names are basically the same :)