Thursday, May 26, 2011


I will be away for the entire weekend starting tomorrow! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend. Take time to remember why we memory of the men and women who have served our country! Safe travels and lots of fun to be had this weekend. I'll be back soon. On June 1st I'll be celebrating my 1 year Blog Anniversary. Yay!!!! Till then.

Happy Memorial Day

Saturday, May 21, 2011


{You Place The Chocolate On The Graham}

"How can I have some more of something if I haven't had anything?...YOU'RE KILLING ME SMALLS!"-The Sandlot

One of our family's favorite movies. My husband and I wanted to do something fun with out boys, so we decided to break out the Marshmallows, Chocolate and Graham Crackers. Who doesn't LOVE a Smore?! Fun times on a Saturday night. I hope our boys will keep these simple memories with them always.

Roasting the Marshmallows....
I wish we could have had a Bon Fire, however it was a bit windy and the rain clouds were coming. These hot coals did the trick!

My Husband and I had just one of these special treats so we wouldn't feel too guilty. Peanut Butter Cup Smore, YUMMMMM!

So tasty!

Something so simple, yet so fun! I love times like these spent with my three favorite boys.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{Thrifty Seahorse}

Check out this little treasure I found at the Goodwill! OK, he's not really little. He's more like 18 inches tall. I found him one day back in March just hanging out on a top shelf. I saw him and just had to have him. All I could picture was Summertime at the Beach! This has honestly been my favorite Thrift Store find yet!

I was pretty embarrassed to take him up to the register, but I just knew he had the potential to be cute. He was pretty scary looking before!
And, only $4.99!!! What a bargain. I know what you're thinking...this is hideous, but just wait!

First I sanded the whole thing and gave it a coat of light blue paint. The paint color is a mix of the Valspar Fountain Mist(Free Sample) and Folk Art Dove Gray. Don't ask me why I mixed the two colors, I just thought it would work good, & it did.

After that dried, I wanted to give it a white wash effect. All you do for this part is take a dry brush, apply a small amount of white paint on it and do brush strokes up and down. Make sure to paint in one direction or it'll look a bit funny!

Like so.

After that dried my son Jaxon was just waking up from his nap and wanted to help me out. I love my cute little helper! He actually did a pretty good job. I then sprayed it with a clear coat and he was ready to be displayed....-

What a transformation! Makes me ready for Summer.

Transformation ThursdayThe Shabby Nest

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Domestically Speaking

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shopping In Your Home

I seriously think I have a problem sometimes with wanting to change things up in my home. I don't know if I just get bored with it or if I just like change?! Who knows! I do, however know that when I can put something together to make our home cute, and it's also FREE, I am one happy lady! How do I do this? Shop my own home. I take things from around my house or that may be put away for a few months and bring it back out, rearrange it and create something entirely different. I decided to change up the shelves on my wall after Easter and here is what I came up with . Everything is something I've had for years or from a previous project.
My favorite star!

These two frames with pictures of my boys in them. Previously sitting on an end table.

This frame I got at a thrift store and gave it a makeover for Earth Day!

This little chalkboard that I made for Earth Day. Also from a thrift store and was previously a cutting board.

A thrift store candle holder that I found for .99 cents. It's been sitting in my closet just waiting to be used!

My thrift store, Earth Day owl. He's so cute.

A made-over mirror that I've had since 2004.

And this cute, round mirror that I made over in January! I was once and ugly brass color.
Put it all together, and this is what you get....

*The "J" and "e" letters I also had but forgot to post a previous picture

Gave the chalkboard a little LOVE!

I challenge everyone to shop their own home to create something new! Please share with me. I love seeing new, fun ideas from all my blogging friends.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Time Out For A Makeover

I just adore this picture of my boys! They look like little angels, don't they? Well, even these little angels get into a bit of trouble now and then. Doesn't every kid! Well, when they do get into some trouble, we use a Time Out chair. My Mom had one made for us before our first son was even born. She knew what was coming...a beautiful boy that would find some trouble to get in every once in a while.
Here it is....the Famous Time Out chair! It has certainly been used too many times to count. More so by our youngest son. He's a stinker, but so cute! This chair was starting to look a little worn. Look at the arms, dirty from little hands rubbing it, uneven color. It was doing it's job, but was not pretty to look at. So, I took some time out of my day to give it a makeover.

We had a gorgeous 80 degree day on Wednesday, so during their nap time I decided to start this project. I used my FREE Valspar Paint Sample(Fountain Mist) and got to work. While I was taking a break and enjoying my homemade iced coffee I was inspired by the color of the straw to give the chair a bit more decoration.

I decided to add one of my favorite things to it, a star! Painted in red. All I did was traced the outline with this iron star that sits on one of our mantles.

Like so!

Then painted it Bright Red. * I just used an acrylic paint for the star I love the contrast of the light blue and red.

The next day, I gave it a good sanding. I figured it would get roughed up anyways from the boys sitting on it, so why not make it look a little shabby to start. *As you can tell, Thursday here was not so nice, rain rain go away!

I love how it turned out. Who says something that is used for punishment has to be ugly! My boys may not like using this chair, but at least it's fun to look at.

Have a Happy Weekend!

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