Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pretty Pom Poms

I've wanted to make these Pom Poms for so long now, but never really had a reason to. Last week my husband said he needed some ideas of how to decorate for and event that he has going on today called Mother Daughter Tea...these tissue paper pom poms came to mind instantly! Not only are they cute and dramatic, they are very inexpensive. When looking up how to make them, I found a great tutorial on Martha Stewart's website(below) but, I decided I would do one for you goes!

Picture Courtesy of Martha Stewart

First, most packs of tissue paper come with nine sheets. You only need eight, so remove one!

Then, start folding in an accordion fold.*Accordion fold is where you fold over, then turn all of the tissue over and fold it back on itself. The folds should be about 1 to 1& 1/2 inches.

Now that you have it entirely folded...

Take a piece of floral wire and secure it in the middle. Twist the floral wire tight to give it a good hold and leave a bit of wire that you can form a loop to attach the string to later for hanging.

This part is entirely your choice. If you round the edges of the paper, you'll get more of a Peony Flower look. If you cut the paper to a point, you'll get a Dahlia sort of look. I did both, and they are both really pretty!

To form the actual Pom Pom, start by lifting the tissue paper toward the middle. It's easiest if you do four on one side, four on the other side. Turn it over and do the same. Then, just fluff it till you get the desired look.

Like this! So pretty.

Only 23 more to go....

And here they are hanging in the Community Center where the Mother Daughter Tea is going to be held.

Aren't they adorable! So cute and girly! I just had so much fun making these. I hope all the Mom's and Daughters attending the event (as I'm posting this) will enjoy them.

We cut a few bouquets of Lilac to add to the room as well....Beautiful!

Happy Mother's Day!



  1. I used these to help decorate for a friends baby shower, they were a HUGE hit and I gave them to people to take home at the end of the night, some of them hang in their kids bedrooms to this day :)

  2. Girlfriend! Those turned out PERFECT!!! That looks simple enough...Maybe I will try some to hang im my daughters room!
    Love them!


  3. Looks awesome!!! I want to see if I can make some of these for my wedding :)

  4. These really turned out great, thanks for the tutorial!