Friday, May 13, 2011

Time Out For A Makeover

I just adore this picture of my boys! They look like little angels, don't they? Well, even these little angels get into a bit of trouble now and then. Doesn't every kid! Well, when they do get into some trouble, we use a Time Out chair. My Mom had one made for us before our first son was even born. She knew what was coming...a beautiful boy that would find some trouble to get in every once in a while.
Here it is....the Famous Time Out chair! It has certainly been used too many times to count. More so by our youngest son. He's a stinker, but so cute! This chair was starting to look a little worn. Look at the arms, dirty from little hands rubbing it, uneven color. It was doing it's job, but was not pretty to look at. So, I took some time out of my day to give it a makeover.

We had a gorgeous 80 degree day on Wednesday, so during their nap time I decided to start this project. I used my FREE Valspar Paint Sample(Fountain Mist) and got to work. While I was taking a break and enjoying my homemade iced coffee I was inspired by the color of the straw to give the chair a bit more decoration.

I decided to add one of my favorite things to it, a star! Painted in red. All I did was traced the outline with this iron star that sits on one of our mantles.

Like so!

Then painted it Bright Red. * I just used an acrylic paint for the star I love the contrast of the light blue and red.

The next day, I gave it a good sanding. I figured it would get roughed up anyways from the boys sitting on it, so why not make it look a little shabby to start. *As you can tell, Thursday here was not so nice, rain rain go away!

I love how it turned out. Who says something that is used for punishment has to be ugly! My boys may not like using this chair, but at least it's fun to look at.

Have a Happy Weekend!

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  1. Very cute! I love the colors you picked! Timeouts are not pretty, but your chair is ;)

  2. I love how it turned out!! The star really adds to it perfectly! It is adorable and perfect for a naughty little one. :) They are so sweet.

  3. Coolest timeout chair ever! By the time kiddos are in timeout we are so frustrated, so a pretty chair will help keep your spirits up! Though I cannot imagine your darling guys misbehaving at all! :o)

  4. This looks GREAT!! Time outs have never looked so awesome! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your nice comment :)

  5. This is so cute! And very boyish! Stopping by from Shabby Nest link party

  6. I have a table and two chairs that I need to make over. Thanks for the inspiration to get started, saw your chair at TT&J and love it!

  7. perfect...boys love stars.. watch out that they don't mis-behave to get a chance to be a star gazer

  8. Hi, I'm coming from TT&J - had to stop by because we have the same chair! Well, ours is a rocker, but got it at a garage sale before my 6yo was born and we still have it! I love how you painted it and used the sander on the paint, too. Nice job - Have a great week!

  9. Oh that is adorable!! I LOVE it! We have a time out chair too...I've yet to paint it:-)

    Stop by and see my Art Activity wall...your boys would LOVE it!

  10. So cute!! Thanks so much for visitng my blog!! I LOVE yours!! I get lots of inspiration for it!!

    Any good mantel ideas!? :)

  11. ha ha... I love the time-out makeover... just hope the kiddos aren't getting in trouble just to sit in this AWESOME chair! Found your blog through Someday Crafts! Please stop by Sew Woodsy and link up this project!

  12. I love everything about this chair... the shape, the colors you chose and esp. the reason for it ;) Muah ah ha!

    PS: Featured this @ our current linky party! xoxo

  13. That chair looks awesome!! Adding the star was the perfect finishing touch! Martina