Monday, January 30, 2012

A Little More Love
 I thought I'd share with you a little more of the Valentines decor we've added to our home.  All of this is from last year, so we spent absolutely NO money.  If you want to see the tutorial on the XO paper from last year, you can find it {HERE}
 This is honestly how lazy I was when decorating.  I couldn't find the backing to these frames, so I just put a bit of painters tape to hold them in.  Don't you love knowing other bloggers aren't perfect.  I'm the furthest from it!
 Here is the framed heart.  So, speaking of lazy...look at the blue sign.  Dusty!  I didn't realize how dusty it was until I uploaded the pictures.  Again, I'm not perfect.
 Here are my favorite little Dollar Store hearts from last year.  These were originally picks, but I pulled the pick out and they made the cutest filler.  You can see the original post {HERE}
Alright, I'm going to keep this in the back of my mind for further posts. 
*Remember to dust first*  
I still have my Mantel to share with you, but that can wait till next week.  I have another fun project to share with you on Wednesday.  Stay tuned!
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Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Favorites
 "All You Need Is Love"
I think we'd all agree this is one of the best lines in a song, ever!  Although I don't do a lot of Valentines decor in my own home, I couldn't resist featuring some of these adorable LOVE decorations. 
 These yarn wrapped letters from My Sister's Suitcase really caught my eye!  Not only are they cute up against that bright blue wall and Pink mirror(adorable) you could do this for any holiday.  I love these!  Go visit My Sister's Suitcase and see how they were made.
 I am such a sucker for any decor that can mimic something from Pottery Barn.  Go check out the original Pottery Barn sign and this super cute sign made by the gals at Uncommon.  I think I like the homemade version better!
 How cute, girly and perfect are these framed letters?!  You will not believe how easy and inexpensive these were to make.  Head over to I Will Craft for the details.
Shut the front door!  Can you even believe this sign?!  I can see this being Pinned a thousand times.  You have to see how this was done at Indie Spotting
Hope everyone enjoyed this weeks edition of Friday Favorites.  If you were featured, feel free to grab a button. 
Happy Friday everyone.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

 We have been waiting to give these nightstands a paint job since August!  When we moved into our rental home, these nightstands were just left in one of the bedrooms.  We asked the landlords if they wanted them anymore, and they told us to do what we want with them.  OKAY!  They had makeover written all over them.  For a blogger and DIY freak, these are the little things that make us giddy!  Am I right?!
 They had so much potential, but look how worn out they looked!
 Lots and lots of sanding.
 After we were covered in a layer of stinky dust from these beauties, we gave them three coats of an off white color.  We let them dry for about three hours, then took the sander over them again for that lovely distressed look, reattached the original hardware, and...
 They were done!  I love them.  Everything about them is just pretty to me.  The curvy legs and the new color.
 A little distressing goes a long way.  They look new and clean with the off white, yet a bit old still with a little wood color showing through in certain spots.
 We debated whether or not we wanted to get new hardware for them.
 I am so glad we didn't.  These pulls leave them with some of the original beauty.
 I might give them a coat of furniture wax when I have more time, but till then they decorate the sides of our bed nicely.  I'm not showing you the room yet, as they are part of our bedroom makeover.  You'll just have to wait.  My goofy son, Jaxon wanted to be in one of the pictures.  He knows just how to work the camera!
Here is the before and after again. 
I can't wait to find more older pieces like these and give them a new life.  These were so much fun!
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Giving Our Home A Little Love
 Here is what my kitchen table looked like last weekend when we were trying to clean up the house a bit.  I thought it was a good time to put out the few Valentines decorations I have.  There was one I wanted to do last year, but never got around to it. 
A few weeks ago, my boys and I were at a park and I found the perfect branch for the project. 
You guessed it, a Valentine tree.  I know!  There have been so many done, but I think they're really cute, easy and cheap.  Mine turned out to be FREE.  
Here is my take on it.
 I took one of the Faux Snowballs I made last year, and stuck the branch into it.  I just used a glass jar that I had on hand. 
 Then, I filled it up with fake, plastic snow and the rest of my Faux Snowballs.  It is still Winter around here, so the snow worked great!
If you don't have the fake snow, you could use something like rocks, marbles or even conversation hearts. 
 Here it is ready to be decorated!
 Last year, I bought a big pack of foam stickers at JoAnns for a $1.  So, these are leftovers from last year's projects. 
 Great thing about these is you just peel off the backing, and stick it on the branch.  I don't think it could get any easier than this!  About two minutes later...
 I had a finished, little heart tree!  I have to admit, Valentines is not my favorite thing to decorate for.  We really don't celebrate it, but I know my kids get a kick out of all the little details put into each holiday. 
 I used the rest of the fake snow to fill up these jars.
All of this got put into this old gym basket along with some white lights.
(I still am looking for the perfect lamp for this bookshelf)
I also framed a LOVE Free Printable that I found through Pinterest.  You can find it {HERE}.
The other XO in the frame I'll share with you in another post.  This is nothing new though!  It all comes from last years projects. 
This hasn't been my greatest DIY project, but it was certainly easy and decorates this small area of my home for zero dollars. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Favorites
 Finally, I'm back with my Friday Favorites!  I just love browsing every ones blog posts and link parties all week long.  There is just so much inspiration in the blog world I feel like my head could explode with ideas.  I absolutely LOVE finding my favorite things during the week and sharing them with you, my blogging friends. 
I usually feature about 3-5 different projects, but this week I'm featuring one of my very best blogging friends, Laura @Our Prairie Home! Her and I have been chatting back and fourth for a few months now, and I just love following along with every fun project she does. Not only are her projects great, but she is hilarious.  She really put her hubby's phone number on Facebook one evening in order to get him to help paint a room.  Harassment at it's best, ha ha!
This week she revealed an office makeover she's been working on.  You seriously have to go visit her blog and check out the makeover {HERE} 
 It is absolutely amazing what she did to this room.  There are so many cute little details and things to look at that you'll have to go check out her post on this makeover.  You won't want to miss it.
While you're there, become a follower and tell her I sent you. 
Laura, You did such a beautiful job on this room, it deserved 100% of my "Friday Favorite" attention this week.  I just love it. 
Happy Friday everyone!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My husband created this sign.  I thought I'd share some inspiration with you...feel free to pin :)
Eat, Drink And Be Merry
 I've had this sign for eight years now!  I love the saying.  It will always remind me of a song by the Dave Matthews Band(my favorite band) Tripping Billies. We even used it on our wedding reception invites...Eat, Drink And Be Married.  Yep, that's how much I love this saying and that band. 
Anyways, the sign I love, but I was not loving the color.  It just didn't match anything in our house.  Nothing a little paint couldn't fix, right?!
 So, while we were painting our bathroom this weekend I took some of the paint and used the existing letters as a stencil.  Easy right.  Just took a little time, but not that bad!
 When it was dry, I lightly sanded over the trim and the letters.
 I love how you can see just a little of the darker color peeking through!
 Here it is in a color more my style!  What do you think? 
 It fits perfectly in the nook above our kitchen sink. 
 I added a few other cute accessories to the nook...
an old meat grinder given to us by my husband's Grandma.  We all know the famous birdie plate from Pier1. Plus a big white plate and a white tea pot.  Super easy.
I'm loving the color now.  So much brighter and pleasing to my eyes.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our Weekend
This post contains random photos with bad lighting!
Our weekend started Saturday morning(they were up at 5:50am...who knows why) with my boys at their first day of Sports Skills Camp.  It's a fun class my husband runs every Saturday.  It's a very basic introduction to sports, ie. Soccer, Baseball, Basketball.  Perfect for them because they love sports and it burns off some energy. 
About 10 min. before class started, this is what happened to our youngest...
 Poor guy was kicking the ball and running faster than his little body could handle.  He basically fell/slid into the cement wall.  He's the type of kid that will scream louder than anything at first!  To get him to stop we told him something funny(made sure he was okay of course)and a few minutes later he was back to running and kicking the ball around again.  Seriously, I think we'll have a ton of doctor visits and injuries in this kids future.  He just has that," I'm gonna get hurt in some way today" look about him.
The rest of Saturday was spent relaxing and just hanging out.  Then Sunday, we decided to tackle this bathroom that's been needing some paint since we moved in. Mind you, this is a rental house, so all we can really do is paint with permission from our landlords of course.  So, the ugly faux marble had to stay!  However, it's amazing what some paint can do to brighten up a space.  It's almost complete.  We just have to change out the hardware and replace a missing board on the inside of the cupboard.  Hopefully, I'll have pictures up by Friday. 
 While we had the paint out, I decided to give this sign a makeover.  I love the sign, but I was just not feeling the color anymore.  It just didn't really go with anything in our house.  You know how that goes. 
Here is just a little peek at what I did to it.  I'll have the finished product up tomorrow.
Since Mondays fall into our weekend now(because my husband works Saturdays) I actually got a start on some Valentines decor.  I bet you can guess what this it!
Sorry for all the teasers and unfinished projects, but I feel like it was a pretty productive weekend.  By the way, Easton's head is just fine now and all that's left from that big knot is a small bruise.  He's as busy as ever. 
See you tomorrow with a complete project!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Made With Love
 I'm so excited to share this with you!  It's one of those projects that isn't planned, but turns out awesome when you finish it.  I just love how it came together. 
 This past weekend we were at the Habitat Store looking for sandpaper for our dresser makeover and some supplies to fix our bathtub faucets. Down the same isle, we came across some house numbers and letters.
 I bet he gets sick of me taking pictures of him!  I just love this guy.
 These two stinkers are pretty cute too!  They decided to play pretend guns with some PVC pipes.  They're pretty creative too.
 Back to the letters! The first one I picked up was the "O".  Then my husband picked up the "7".  Do you know when you get those ideas that just click in your head like turning on a light switch?  Anybody?  Well, I got that idea as soon as my husband showed me the "7".  All we needed to find was a "V" and an "E".  One we found at the Goodwill and the other we found at Michaels.  Can you guess which one came from Michaels?  The "V" cost around $3.  However, we could afford it because all three letters came to a little over a dollar. 
 They also had this cupboard door at the Habitat Store for $3.  It was perfect for what I had in mind.  Plus, it is super sturdy.  Solid wood and very heavy. 
 The only letter, or should I say number flipped up side down that needed a makeover was the "7". It was pretty grungy looking.  Plus, we decided to tie the color of the dresser together with this sign.  So, we painted it the same blue as the dresser, BEHR Clear Pond.
Luckily, because these were house numbers, all but the "V" came with hardware.   
 Here it is complete!  I love how it turned out for a quick 20 minute project. It's very sturdy, cute and looks amazing in our living room.
Not only cute for Valentines Day coming up, but great for the whole year! It will always remind me of who helped me make husband! 
 Here is a close up shot of each of the letters!
The "7" turned up side down and painted blue.
 This is probably my favorite thing I've made since starting this blog.  It cost so little, yet came out so cute. 
You just never know what you can pull together with things from a thrift store.
* my brother wanted me to post this "artistic" shot he took for me from above the sign. Showing off how tall he is, ha ha.

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