Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our Weekend
This post contains random photos with bad lighting!
Our weekend started Saturday morning(they were up at 5:50am...who knows why) with my boys at their first day of Sports Skills Camp.  It's a fun class my husband runs every Saturday.  It's a very basic introduction to sports, ie. Soccer, Baseball, Basketball.  Perfect for them because they love sports and it burns off some energy. 
About 10 min. before class started, this is what happened to our youngest...
 Poor guy was kicking the ball and running faster than his little body could handle.  He basically fell/slid into the cement wall.  He's the type of kid that will scream louder than anything at first!  To get him to stop we told him something funny(made sure he was okay of course)and a few minutes later he was back to running and kicking the ball around again.  Seriously, I think we'll have a ton of doctor visits and injuries in this kids future.  He just has that," I'm gonna get hurt in some way today" look about him.
The rest of Saturday was spent relaxing and just hanging out.  Then Sunday, we decided to tackle this bathroom that's been needing some paint since we moved in. Mind you, this is a rental house, so all we can really do is paint with permission from our landlords of course.  So, the ugly faux marble had to stay!  However, it's amazing what some paint can do to brighten up a space.  It's almost complete.  We just have to change out the hardware and replace a missing board on the inside of the cupboard.  Hopefully, I'll have pictures up by Friday. 
 While we had the paint out, I decided to give this sign a makeover.  I love the sign, but I was just not feeling the color anymore.  It just didn't really go with anything in our house.  You know how that goes. 
Here is just a little peek at what I did to it.  I'll have the finished product up tomorrow.
Since Mondays fall into our weekend now(because my husband works Saturdays) I actually got a start on some Valentines decor.  I bet you can guess what this it!
Sorry for all the teasers and unfinished projects, but I feel like it was a pretty productive weekend.  By the way, Easton's head is just fine now and all that's left from that big knot is a small bruise.  He's as busy as ever. 
See you tomorrow with a complete project!

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  1. Can't wait until you reveal all those sneak peaks! You're such a teaser! LOL! Glad Easton is okay. I remember when Scott took a header off of some steps while holding Ian. Holy goose egg! I thought for sure he was going to be brain damaged or something. The next day? Just a nasty bruise. Oh, the resilience of children! Thank goodness for it!