Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Made With Love
 I'm so excited to share this with you!  It's one of those projects that isn't planned, but turns out awesome when you finish it.  I just love how it came together. 
 This past weekend we were at the Habitat Store looking for sandpaper for our dresser makeover and some supplies to fix our bathtub faucets. Down the same isle, we came across some house numbers and letters.
 I bet he gets sick of me taking pictures of him!  I just love this guy.
 These two stinkers are pretty cute too!  They decided to play pretend guns with some PVC pipes.  They're pretty creative too.
 Back to the letters! The first one I picked up was the "O".  Then my husband picked up the "7".  Do you know when you get those ideas that just click in your head like turning on a light switch?  Anybody?  Well, I got that idea as soon as my husband showed me the "7".  All we needed to find was a "V" and an "E".  One we found at the Goodwill and the other we found at Michaels.  Can you guess which one came from Michaels?  The "V" cost around $3.  However, we could afford it because all three letters came to a little over a dollar. 
 They also had this cupboard door at the Habitat Store for $3.  It was perfect for what I had in mind.  Plus, it is super sturdy.  Solid wood and very heavy. 
 The only letter, or should I say number flipped up side down that needed a makeover was the "7". It was pretty grungy looking.  Plus, we decided to tie the color of the dresser together with this sign.  So, we painted it the same blue as the dresser, BEHR Clear Pond.
Luckily, because these were house numbers, all but the "V" came with hardware.   
 Here it is complete!  I love how it turned out for a quick 20 minute project. It's very sturdy, cute and looks amazing in our living room.
Not only cute for Valentines Day coming up, but great for the whole year! It will always remind me of who helped me make it...my husband! 
 Here is a close up shot of each of the letters!
The "7" turned up side down and painted blue.
 This is probably my favorite thing I've made since starting this blog.  It cost so little, yet came out so cute. 
You just never know what you can pull together with things from a thrift store.
* my brother wanted me to post this "artistic" shot he took for me from above the sign. Showing off how tall he is, ha ha.

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  1. LOVE it!! (No pun intended . . .)
    There's nothing better than letters and numbers!!


  2. This is da bomb! Soooooo making something similar to this and copying you! (I liked the grungy 7. LOL!!!) Fantastically cute!! LOVE LOVE LOVE - no pun intended! ;)

  3. This is soooo cute!

  4. so cute! great idea.

    i would love it if you would stop by my blog and link this or any other amazing project you have to my linky party going on right now!


    thanks so much for sharing!

  5. What I really think is fantastic is the colors you chose to paint this! "love" it!

  6. I just went to the restore for the first time, great stuff! And your project is adorable, I LOVE it!