Thursday, April 26, 2012

Baseball Decor
Part 2
 I really hope I'm not boring you yet!  Today is part 2 of my Baseball decor.  I can safely say, this decor has made all the boys in this house very happy.  It's manly and not a bit fru-fru.  Plus, a few of the items I've used to decorate are very sentimental to us.  No matter if your decor is feminine or masculine, you should always decorate with things you love!
 This Baseball field used to hang in our boys room. We actually found it at a local dollar store.  A whole dollar!  Can't get too much better.
 This Baseball bat was once used by my Father-in-law.  It's something that will definitely be passed on in our family.
 I'm not really sure who used this catchers mask; however, it was given to me by my Dad.  I think it was these types of hand-me-downs from my Dad that convinced me that I would have all boys one day.  And, what's not to love about something vintage.
Hopefully you remember these.  My husband, over the years has collected a ton of used Baseballs.  I feel that the more used they look, the better to decorate with.  This basket sits under our TV stand.  Until I find another basket filler that I love, the Baseballs will remain there. 
Tomorrow is the last day of Baseball decor.  I promise.  Next week I'll have a few new DIY projects to share with you that I worked on before breaking my finger. 

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  1. Where did you find the old locker basket? I am looking for some for my grandsons room!