Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Baseball Decor
Part 1
 Yes, that's right!  Baseball decor.  This is the first time I've made an attempt at decorating in honor of the sport we love so much.  Honestly, everything I used to decorate with is stuff we already had.  Some came from my son's room, some came from my husband's old Baseball bag from his coaching days, and the books have been collected by my husband.
Have I ever shared with you that both our son's names were inspired by Baseball.  My husband loves Jackie Robinson.  We named our first son Jaxon in honor of him(that and a character from Steel Magnolias)  Our son Easton was named after a brand of Baseball bats.  We saw a picture of a bat with Easton on it, and just thought it was very different and such a cool name.
 Anyways, on to decor...this was an old glove my Dad gave to me.  I love how vintage it is!
 Books work great for any decor.  Luckily my husband has a wonderful collection.
 He even has a Baseball Dictionary.  Anything that has to do with Baseball is in this book. 
 This old Cracker Jack sign I found at a cute home decor store in Sumner, WA back in 2006.  We decorated our oldest son's nursery in Baseball decor and I bought the sign just for him.  Nothing says Baseball more than Cracker Jack.
So, that's Part 1 for my Baseball decor.  I really hope I'm not boring everyone to death, however it's killing me not to be able to craft because of my broken finger.  So, I figure I'd just share with you what my home looks like at the moment.  More to come.

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