Friday, April 1, 2011

Easter Egg

While at a thrift store shopping for some Easter books for my boys, I found this wooden finial shaped like an egg. It was only .80 cents....great deal for a cheap project! Here's it's makeover.

Thanks to Valspar and their FREE sample giveaway, I had a nice blue paint. Perfect to make it look like a Robin's Egg. First, I gave it two coats of the light blue paint. *Valspar Fountain Mist is the color I just love this color! I think everyone knows how to give it the brown speckles. Just fill your brush with some brown paint(any will do) and pull the brush back with your finger and slowly release the brushes towards the egg. Then let dry! Now, where to put it? I tried several different spots. Up on a shelf with my Carrot Topiary? Outside next to some blooming Primroses? Or on a stack of some of my favorite magazines? What do you think? I think it could go anywhere and look cute.

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  1. I like it! Perfect speckles. :)

    -Annie @ {PeppermintPlum}

  2. this is GREAT!!! love it, and you are right, it will look cute no matter where you put it!

  3. I love it. Just today I saw some finials at the thrift store. Now I wish I would have bought them. Great job. Love the color and the speckles. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  4. Who finds a wooden Easter Egg at a thrift store??? haha...I LOVE this! Amazing! And for the record, I never knew the speckle trick I want to go make 100 eggs! =)

  5. You are so amazing! haha... I can't wait to have time on my hands to be inspired more...

    Keep the great ideas coming!!

    PS. Do you have any great baby girl gifts (for a newborn?)

  6. Oh this is too cute! Found you at Funky Junk.

  7. so pretty. I just love the shape of eggs. great paint job!


  8. This is great! I love it! I want to try it.

    Saw you on M.M.M linkup


  9. You're right it could go anywhere! Great job!! Thanks for linking up!!