Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Where Have I Been This Past Week?!

I feel like I've been gone for a really long time. Sick for a week before we took our trip back to Western Washington and then gone for a week visiting family and friends.
We now live in Eastern Washington(literally two minutes away from the Idaho border) It's been about six months since we've been back to visit home. Let me tell you, it was so good to see everyone. We really miss our families!
This GO COUGS sign is something we pass every time we drive to and from Western Washington.
*It's about a 6 hour drive
Our mid-way point is a town called Othello, WA. We usually stop here for a potty break and to get something to eat. Our youngest Easton thought it would be fun to break out in a dance in the middle of the restaurant.

Here is our main reason for going back to visit. My Grandma Percy turned 80 on St. Patrick's Day. She is 100% Irish, born on the day of green. I think she really enjoyed her Birthday festivities.

We got to see six of our eight nieces on this trip. The six are both of my sister's girls. We really miss all of them. Plus our other two that now live in California, Lucy and Nina.
This is our little Bailey Girl. The youngest of them. She is also a twin.

Here is the other twin Abbey with our son Jaxon. I love these little girls. They are so stinking cute.

We also got the chance to drive up to Burlington, WA to visit my husband's Grandma Agnes and his Aunt Kim. These ladies are two of my favorite people. I'm so lucky to have married into such and amazing family. I'm proud to have the name Johnson. We just love going up to see them.

We always try to stick to a budget when going on these trips. Lord knows how expensive gas is right now. One of the days we were there, we went to a place called the Old Cannery. It's a furniture store, but it has so much more to look at then just furniture. The boys love all the train stuff. Like this one above! Plus a huge train set in the middle of the store.

Here is the outside of the Old Cannery. It's in a town called Sumner, WA. It's home to a Daffodil festival. They had these giant Daffodils outside of the store that were just screaming for a picture opportunity.

Here is another one of my favorite people we got to see on our trip home. My best cousin ever, Amanda and her daughter Alexis. I miss hanging out with her so much. No matter how far apart we live from each other, we'll always be able to call up one another and chat.

This may sound like the Wizard of Oz, but I miss these girls most of all! My two sisters, Darcy on the left and Erin on the right. They will always be my best, best friends.

Here are two more of our nieces. Mylie and Mia. Our boys miss these girls so much. They are all so close in age and play so well together.
Finally, our two oldest nieces, Nevaeh on the left and Kinsey on the right of my Mom. The proudest Grandma ever! I miss my Mom so much. I wish I had her around every day.
She lives out on the Old Goat Farm in Orting, WA. I'll be blogging about this place soon. It's quite the place to see.
We even got to meet up with my Mother-in-law(not shown) my Brother-in-law Gavin and soon to be Sister-in-law Brooke. I'm not kidding you when I say, these two people always put a smile on our faces every time we see them. I know I said this before, but I am so blessed to have married into such a wonderful family. If only we would've seen my Sister-in-law Brittany and her family as well. Maybe a great excuse to take a trip to California :)

These two have been two of our greatest friends for the past 5 years now. Brandi and Annamarie. We only got to see them for a short time, but It's always a good time when we get to hang out with them. My husband and Brandi(on the left) are like long lost Brother and Sister. So much alike, it's scary. We love these two ladies.

This was such a bittersweet trip. We were so happy to see everyone, yet so sad to say goodbye all over again. We'll be heading back in September and I'm already counting down the days. All in all, this was a great trip!

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  1. Cute pictures Tanya..we were happy to see you guys to...always and always hard to say goodbye! Miss you everyday and thanks again for the coasters and chalk them both sooo much.