Monday, March 14, 2011

My FIRST Giveaway Win

I have to give Kristi at The Speckled Dog a huge


I entered her giveaway to win these big guys. Aren't they great?! I was the first entry, so I thought for sure I wouldn't win. Lucky for me, number one was a good thing that day =) These things are bigger than they look! They must have been fence post toppers at one time.

Before I received these in the mail from Kristi, I thought for sure I'd want to paint them. NOPE...I love their natural color.

They make quite the statement on the coffee table. I just love having such unique things to decorate with. Something that a guest coming into your home will stop and say,"What in the world is that?" I love, love them.

Thank you again Kristi. This was such a great FIRST Giveaway Win.

Go on over and check out Kristi's Blog...She has tons of great things.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! You know I think they were fence toppers too. You're right about them being bigger than they look. When I first brought them home, Charles posted a photo on Facebook and asked his peeps if they knew what they were. People were guessing the smallest things.

    I had three pair and I thought for sure I'd paint some of them. but I just couldn't do it either.

    Glad you like them and congrats on winning!