Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crafty Kind Of Day

My friend Alisha suggested that her and I do a craft day! I was totally up for it. She came over with some fun stuff that I've never tried before. I love it & I might just be hooked on it! This was so simple and you could even do it was some older kids(maybe 6 & up). She brought over some fun scrapbook paper, what looks like pressed-flat bottle caps, *Diamond Glaze, and some magnets. I had some bottle caps that I'd been saving, but I must admit, the flat ones worked way better.
First, pick a spot on your paper that you like and cut it out. You can either use a craft punch or we just had a scrapbook embellishment that fit perfect that we could trace around. The possibilities are endless. Whatever style you like or you could even use pictures of your favorite little kids. Something I'm going to have to try!
She picked out this funky star/flower spot on the page.

Cut it out.
Placed it on the flattened bottle cap and applied a small amount of the *Diamond Glaze. It helps to have a toothpick to hold down the paper while applying the glaze and also useful for any air bubbles you want to get rid of.

Here it is drying.

And here are a few others finished. Aren't they cute? So, so easy. They make a perfect little gift for a teacher, bridal shower, birthday, or housewarming. So FUN!

We also played around with some clothes pins. Simply glue the paper onto the clothes pin with a glue stick and paint the *Diamond Glaze over it. Apply some magnetic strip on the back and you have a fun magnet to hold anything you want to put on your fridge.
A special thanks to my friend Alisha for coming over and giving me some great ideas. I had a great time having a crafting buddy for the day!
*On another note, I will be taking a break from doing any blog posts for a few weeks. I am hoping to get a blog makeover, come up with some new & fun ideas and give some extra time to my two little boys. See you in a few.


  1. I love a super cute and quick craft like this! I might have to make some of these just to have on hand for gifts or my own frige. Lord knows I have enough scrapbook paper around! Thanks for sharing! Look forward to seeing what else you bring our way in a few weeks. Enjoy your time with your boys =)