Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lori & Largent
 Two weeks ago, we attended a very special wedding.  One of my Husband's co-workers, Linda has a son that was getting married and we offered up our help with anything they needed.  Several weeks prior to the wedding, Lori and Largent hosted a fun wedding craft night to complete all the decor and favors. 
Everything was just adorable.  Not only was the whole wedding beautiful, but so is the happy couple. 
I just wanted to share a few photos of the decor and set-up and at the end of the blog post I will have a link where you can take a peek at the photographer's photos.  You have to see them.  They turned out gorgeous!

 The yard backs up to a wheat appropriate to have hay bales to sit on instead of chairs!
*note that you cannot see the field behind as the area we live in was saturated in smoke from surrounding fires.
 Super cute photo booth!  Largent and Lori's colors were turquoise and purple.
 Fun & Games
 How cute is this idea...if you toss a bean bag and hit the bell, the bride and groom had to kiss!
 The yard was full of lanterns and white lights. 
 One of the easiest and frugal ways to direct your guests to a certain area at an outdoor wedding...chalkboards!
On the way up to the receiving line, there was a photo time line for the bride and groom.  What a fun idea!

Now if you are at all curious what the bride, groom and ceremony looked like, you can follow the link to
Ange Movius Photography
I promise, you'll want to see these photos. 
To Lori and Largent:
thank you for letting us be a part of your special day.  A happy marriage and life together. 

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