Wednesday, October 17, 2012

 Last night my brother-in-law called me up and told me about a new venture him and his wife are taking...
Several months back, Gavin and Brooke made thier own headboard.  Below is the one they made for themselves.  Just recently, they decided to take their talents to ETSY to try to sell their creations. 
Isn't if cute!  I love it. 
So, what does BOWAboards stand for?  When Gavin told me, I was absolutely flattered. 
BOWA=Best Of What's Around.
How cool is that?! 
I just had to give two of my favorite people a shout out for their new business venture and hopefully get them some traffic on thier ETSY page. 
You can visit BOWAboards
and check out the different patterns that are available. 
Super cute stuff.  
Go check it out, NOW!

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