Friday, May 4, 2012

Rustic Box
 Finally, I have pictures of the box to share with you! 
A few months ago, I pinned a box like this from Shanty 2 Chic.  My Sister happened to see that I had pinned it and gave me a call informing me how cute she thought it was and that her husband, Scott could easily make it.  She asked me,"Would you want one?"  What do you say to that?  UH, YES PLEASE!  She told me he knocked it out in like a half hour.  A little info about my brother-in-law Scott...his background is in construction and he is amazing at building anything. 
A huge, huge thank you to him for making this for me!  I love it
 Now, because I didn't build it myself, I don't have a step by step tutorial.  However, I took several close-up pictures of how it's put together.  If you'd like a step by step tutorial, you can see a similar one {HERE}
 The short sides are 6 and a half inches long.
 The long sides are 2 and a half feet.  Perfect for our long kitchen table.
 The edges are cut at angles!

I hope the pictures helped with how it was put together.  Because all my Mason jars are being used this weekend for a Mother Daughter Tea event(I'll be sharing photos all next week of decor) I put in a temporary filler. 
I am so excited to have this box.  Can't you see the decorating potential for every season?! 
Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. AWESOME! Also I LOVE lilacs and we didn't get one bloom on our plant this year!!!