Friday, February 25, 2011

Today before my husband had to go to work, we took a trip up to our local Grocery Outlet. We are always finding the best things there! I checked and there are locations in Northern California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada and Arizona. So, if there is one in your area, go check it never know what you're gonna find. Here's what we picked up today.
How cute is this soup bowl?! It looks like chalkboard paint with SOUP written on it. The inside of the bowl is white. I just fell in love with them. Also, they were only .99 cents per bowl.

How can you beat that?! We purchased four of them.

I've been wanting some mini-muffin pans for a while now. Have you ever had the brownie bites from Costco? Yep, that's what I'm making in these tomorrow! Check it out...only $2.99

This was my husband's pick. He loves Tomatoes. Plus we have the perfect weather here in the Summer to grow them. Only $1.99

These are my favorite!!! Flameless Candles. LOVE!!!!
The larger one was $3.99 and the smaller was $2.99
Wow...I checked online at Pottery Barn, $16.50 and $24.50
I think I got quite the deal. I still love you Pottery Barn, just not your prices :)

Do you have a favorite store you find great deals at? Please share them with me.

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  1. Love the peas and love that you found flameless candles at GO! I think I might have to make a run over there tomorrow. =)