Thursday, October 28, 2010


Once again, I have something my Mom gave me that she was just going to get rid of! These HALLOWEEN blocks were made by me and my Dad years and years ago. I originally was going to redo them for HALLOWEEN, but I was lacking in Thanksgiving decor. I thought it would be a fun challenge. Here is how I did it...
First, my little helper and I sanded down the white letters. They were a little raised and I didn't want them to show through the new paint color! He's only 2 years old and already wanting to do projects with Mommy...I love it!

On all of the Black blocks, I painted the front an off-white color. I wanted to leave the edges a different color. Plus, it saved a lot of painting time. On all the Orange blocks, I painted the front brown.

Since they had a coating of spray paint years and years ago, it took them a while to dry.

This is where I wish I had some stencils or some vinyl letters! I looked online at some fonts I liked and tried to free hand the lettering. It could have looked a bit nicer, but it works.

I painted all the lettering black then let dry before I sanded the edges and a bit over the lettering. I really want to try Distressing Ink, but for this project all I had was my black paint. So, I put a tiny, tiny bit of black paint on the tip of my finger, dipped it in water and tried to distress it myself.
Not too shabby for some paint and my finger!

A close-up shot of one of the blocks. I'm really happy with how they turned out!

Finally finished. I think it turned out pretty good for a FREE project. This is my very first Thanksgiving decoration! More to come.
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  1. these are so cute!!! great job!!! i came to your from the shabby nest. swing by our craft blog when you have a chance:

  2. I love it! Those are so cute!

  3. How sweet! And the 2-year-old sander is just adorable!!

  4. So cute!

    Jo @

  5. REALLY fun. COME share it with us here so our readers can find your tutorial/idea. lovely. i particularly like the heart block, btw.

    tip: every week we open a new party (wedn) and so you can come back week after week!

    Happy Halloween!

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  6. This project turned out so cute! And what a sweet little helper you have!

  7. Adorable! The heart is a great touch, and I love those colors together.

  8. oh these are so adorable! I want to go make these now!! If you have time I'd love for you to come link up to Handmade Tuesdays @ Ladybug Blessings next Tuesday!

  9. Yes, again: Lovely! & Thank you for sharing it with us on FineCraftGuild at our DIY CRAFT TUTORIALS linky party. It's a very good tutorial!!

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