Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm in LOVE with a website called
You can edit your photos with lots of fun tools, fonts, effects and frames.
Free is a wonderful thing now days.
You can also upgrade to premium effects for just $24.95/ year. Let me tell you, the free stuff works just fine!
Check out some of the things I've done with my photos.

I gave this photo of my boys fishing a color boost with a bit of softening!
This picture and the next I gave a vintage, sepia color! Check out the leaves in the background. Isn't the coloring and lighting beautiful?!

I loved these ones so much, I sent them to Costco and had them blown up to an 11x14 for my living room. Who needs to pay to go to an expensive photographer when there are websites like these to doctor up your photos!
(To my photographer family members, I still LOVE your work!)

How gorgeous is Baby Alexis! With this effect, you can turn the photo black and white and then go back and color in some specific colors you want to show off! Add and little softening, and viola. I love the bright orange and rosy cheeks! What a cutie pie.

Last, but not least...My adorable twin nieces, Abbey and Bailey! How precious is this picture? This would be cute to put in a chunky white frame and hang in their room!
I hope you'll give PICNIK.COM a try.
I promise you'll be addicted.


  1. I love Picnik! And the upgade is TOTALLY worth it! There is a ton of extras!

  2. Oh my. I love these! Will definitely be checking this site out!