Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring Fever
 Is anyone else getting Spring fever?  I am!  Really bad.  I want it to hurry up and be warm already.  Since I can't start planting flowers outside yet, I thought our house could use a little green. 
I'm not really a fan of houseplants, but I do love the look of succulents.  They just have so many layers of texture.  So, I picked out three different kinds.  Aren't they cute?!
 I started to go directly for the green and blue planters, but stopped myself.  I need to push myself out of my comfort zone.  So, I chose this coral colored planter instead.  It picks up some of the color in one of the succulents so well. 
 I needed a whole bag of the cactus soil, but it can be mixed with regular potting soil when we're ready to start doing outdoor plants.  Plus, it was only $4.  Not too bad.
 Aren't the colors of this succulent so pretty.  It has a soft, silvery hue.  I love it.  By the way, as I was potting these it was snowing outside.  Ugghh! 
 I placed it behind the love seat in the living room next to a clock in a West-facing window.  It gets tons of bright light and brightens up this space so nicely!
 It amazes me how something as simple as a plant can perk up an area of your home.
 And, I am so glad I stepped out of the box and added a totally different color into the mix of decor.
I can feel it!  Spring will be here soon.


  1. Pretty! Love the coral color too! I find myself doing the same thing... I gravitate toward blues and greens, but I've figured out that I get tired of any other colors. LOL!! However, I think a quick pop of something different here and there is a good idea. I'm going to have to try that in the dining room... If it ever comes time to decorate it. LOL! ;)

  2. LOVE the coral!!! Feels good to step outside your comfort zone sometimes!!Ok this may sound very silly...had no idea there was such a thing a s cactus soil!! :)

    Bonnie @ uncommon