Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jaxon & Easton's Bedroom Makeover
{Part 2}
 Ready for an overload of pictures?  Here is the rest of the bedroom makeover.  Here is a shot of the main part of the room before....
 and here is the after!
Light, bright and all boy.
 They are so into superheroes right now, so the inspiration for this room was Superman and Batman.  Their all-time favorite heroes. 
 Here is a before shot of the area where we keep their dresser and the old, very big TV.
Here it is after.  Thanks to Pinterest, we found an idea to organize the many papers and printouts they previously wanted to tack into their walls.  You can see the inspiration for it {HERE} 
Basically, it's a very large oil drip pan that can be found in the automotive department at Walmart.  We screwed it into the wall, bought a pack of 30 regular magnets and now they're free to hang up whatever they'd like.
Here is a before picture of a corner of the room that leads into a 1/4 bathroom.  Empty and boring before....
 Bright, happy and entertaining after!  We brought their bookcase out of the closet and placed a new TV and DVD player on it so they can enjoy all their Superhero movies.  The large J & E came from JoAnn Fabrics.  They are made of cardboard and spray painted black. 
We had two frames on hand and found a Superman and Batman comic book at a local movie store for a $1 a book.  We cut out a few pages that could be framed for some artwork and it was as easy as that.  Frugal too!
 Jaxon likes to keep his Mario figurine from Auntie Darcy right by the TV to watch over them at night.  So cute!
What's better to any Mom than a nice organized closet.  There was nothing new bought here.  Just a little rearranging and cleaning. 
 This is the door to go in an out of the room!  In this corner is their basketball hoop, a Washington State Cougar pillow(Go Cougs) on the floor for reading books or just kicking back and a measurement chart that I made way back in June of last year.  It's about time I show it to you!
The measurement chart was and idea that I got from Angie at The Cellar Door Stories.  If you'd like to see the inspiration for mine, you can visit her tutorial {HERE}
 This was an absolutely FREE painting I did on an old fence board.  I wanted to find pictures of Batman and Superman, but everything cost so much money.  So, I created something that both of my boys loved and gave it a little bit of a vintage look by sanding it down. 
I will do a separate post on it later this week.  Good thing I actually remembered to take pictures.
Here is Mr. Jaxon's bed.  This is his Teddy Bear Bob.  He's had him since he was a few months old.
The lower level bed(trundle) is Easton's!  He loves George and his Panda Pillow Pet.
We made one of the beds a trundle by putting caster wheels on the base of the plywood that holds up the bed.  We also found this idea via Pinterest.  You can see where the inspiration came from {HERE}
It gives the boys so much more room.  At night we can pull the bed out and during the day we can easily slip it back under the bed so they have plenty of room to play.  I am so greatful for a handy husband to help me follow through with all these ideas of mine. 
I am so glad we finally finished this room for the boys.  It went from dark and dingy to light and playful.  Better yet, our boys love it. 


  1. It looks fantastic, Tanya! I bet your little men love it too. Super cute!

  2. I was clicking over to check out the room (so cool!) and saw your growth chart - love it! thanks for the shout-out!!! :)

    I really love the beds...great idea!

  3. I absolutely love it! It is a fabulous boys room...and I love how you merged everyone's interests, needs, and want (including Mom's!).

  4. This is fabulous! I love how you put the comics in the frames! And the wall color couldn't be more perfect!

  5. What a great room! You did a wonderful job on their artwork. I bet they love it.