Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Mantels
 This is the closest I get to having a mantel in this house!  Unfortunately, we don't have a fireplace so I do what I can to decorate these shelves.  This cost me ZERO dollars!  Free is always my favorite.  Especially around Christmas.
 This year I'm in love with using the big, old Christmas lights as a vase filler.  They are so timeless and even better, you can find them for super cheap at thrift stores.  Some of these we got from one of my husbands co-workers and some came from a thrift store thanks to my Mom-In-Law. 
 This Free Printable came from Pinterest via Eighteen25.  It is an awesome way to fill a frame in any room of your home.  I love this version of Holiday Subway Art. 
 Here I go again using my go-to frames.  I think there are endless possibilities for empty frames when decorating.  All I did was use some clear line to tie the lightbulb to the frame. Probably never thought you could frame a light bulb, huh?!
 Another light bulb sits up top with some pine cones I just received in a box from my Grandma.  I'll be showing you later this week what else was in the box. 
 These bad boys were also in the box.  They are huge!  Perfect for decorating. 
Sometimes I feel limited to what I can decorate with for these shelves because they are so thin.  However, it feels like a challenge to me to get as creative as I can and make it as cute as I can with the things I already have. 
Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. I love the big vintage fatty bulbs. So cute. Framed? Even better!! Looks festive and cute as can be =)

  2. Thanks for sharing such valuable information.Keep posting such great info for us thanks

  3. Those are some massive pinecones! I absolutely love how you've included them in your arrangement (and two shelves beats one mantel any old day).

  4. It looks perfect! I love the light bulbs, and how cool that they look like they are floating in the frames. :)
    I hope you have been doing well and are enjoying the season so far. :)
    oh and I LOVE the big pine cones! :)

  5. This looks so awesome! Who needs a mantel when your shelves look that good! I love the Christmas lights! Hope you are well!

  6. I am in love with the vintage lightbulbs in the frames! They are just beautiful!

    Michaela @