Wednesday, December 28, 2011

After Christmas Boredom
I think this picture describes it all! There was so much excitement with Christmas festivities that now, my boys and I are experiencing a little bit of boredom.  It would be different if we could go outside and play, but the weather is horrible this week.  Wet and windy.  Yuk! 
So, we've been doing a lot of playing with new toys, play dough, coloring, movie watching and adding touches of winter to the house.  Just because it's not Christmas  doesn't mean we can't decorate still. 
 We found this basket in a parking lot!  It's one of those old locker baskets.  Can you believe it?!  Just hanging out in a parking lot ready to come home with us.  Funny how something so small can make you so happy.  I kept all my pine cones out being that it's still Winter.  I always love bringing the outdoors in.  And, since I already had them from Thanksgiving and Christmas decor, why not use them through January.  Free is my favorite.
Speaking of Free, the blog Eighteen25 has some amazing Free printables.  One being this cute New Year print. I love the Gray and Yellow.  It's so calming after being taken over with Red and Green for the past month.
If you would like the Free printable for yourself, go {HERE}
Coincidence, I'm not sure!  I happen to have a Gray couch and an old Yellow Coke box in the next few photos.  I love when things mesh well.
  All I did is add some fake snow to the bottom of my hurricanes and put a battery operated candle in each. I added some more of my Free pine cones into the Coke box to surround the candles and....
 that's all.  Pretty easy and it makes my coffee table look a lot less boring.  Do you ever feel like you have a ton of junk tucked away, but then you bring it out and add a few more junkie things to it and voila, you have something awesome to decorate with?!  I feel like this a lot. 
I hope everyone had a fabulous Holiday(which ever one you celebrate during this time of year)  Here is to a wonderful New Year!

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  1. Love this! Love the yellow box! Yellow and gray together are really growing on me. I love the color combination! Looks fantastic, girly! :D