Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Blog Swap

I have a super, special treat for you today.  I'm doing a blog swap with Bonnie and Trish from Uncommon.  You are going to love this project.  When you're finished reading, make sure to visit their blog and become a follower.  They have bunches of great tutorials.  Thanks Bonnie and Trish. 

Happy Holidays  Y'all! 
We are Bonnie and Trish from Uncommon and we are so thrilled to be here today.  We are going to share a super quick project that you still have time to make for this year!  


The sweet folks at Lion Brand Yarn contacted us a few weeks ago to see if we would be interested in trying out a few of their products. Seriously? Pinch me now! We thought about it for half a second and quickly hopped over to their site to take a look at what they had to offer. 

I immediately fell in love with the Lofty Wool Blend yarn from the Martha Stewart Crafts Collection.  Just take a look at Snowdrift in all her soft and fluffy goodness.  So cuddly! 

Now, I don't knit, but it just screamed cable knit sweater to me!  I instantly knew that it would be perfect to make a cable knit tree for Christmas!  This was one of the easiest and quickest crafts I have made in a long time and I am so in love with it!  It literally took me ten minutes to make it... no joke!  

Here is what you will need... 

Martha Stewart Lofty Wool Blend Yarn 
Styrofoam Cone
Finial or Ornament for the Top
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks 

Step One. Glue the first layer of yarn to your styrofoam cone (make sure you leave a little at the start tucked under the bottom). 

Step Two.  Wrap all the way up the cone.  You need to cover the styrofoam, but don't wrap too tight or your tree won't be "fluffy".  When you get to the top, glue down the ends.

Step Three. Glue your finial or ornament to the top and you are done!  Crazy easy and just so pretty! 

Here she is with our ribbon tree that we showed you a few weeks ago.  You can find the tutorial here. I also had to include a starfish, a jute wrapped ornament, and more shine and glitter to the mix.  Just perfect for my Coastal Christmas decor.  The best thing about these trees is that after Christmas is over I can keep them out all winter! 

Hope you guys are enjoying all of the joy that the holidays bring!

Thanks so much for having us Tanya!



  1. I love it! I can't knit either, but I still fall madly in love with yarn all the time - thanks for sharing a project I can actually do!

  2. Thanks so much for having us over today! We sure did enjoy it! Merry Christmas!