Friday, June 11, 2010

When life gives you lemons, use them!

Lemons are one of natures greatest fruits and absolutely one of my favorites. Not only does it smell wonderful, it is also useful for everyday living. Here are my top 10 uses for lemons.

1. Put half of a cut lemon into your garbage disposal and let run until the lemon is gone...gets rid of any bad odors in the disposal.

2. Lemon is a wonderful, fat-free way to flavor chicken and fish. Use in marinades or just squeeze fresh lemon juice over a dish.

3. It makes any glass of water of ice tea so much more refreshing.

4. Rub on your hands after cutting garlic or onions. The acidity in the lemons cuts through stinky odors left on your hands.

5. Clean the inside of your microwave by adding four tablespoons of lemon juice to one cup of water. *make sure to use a microwave safe bowl. Set microwave for 5 min. Let the bowl sit in the microwave to steam., then wipe it clean. Gets rid of stuck on food, and cleans away the bad smells.

6. Sprinkle or rub a slice of lemon on already cut apples and pears. This prevents the white flesh of the fruit from browning.

7. Lemons make for and inexpensive decoration for summer time. Fill and class bowl or hurricane with Lemons. This will brighten up any table in any room.

8. Instead of bleach for your whites, add a 1/2 cup of lemon juice to any normal-size load.

9. Add leftover lemon rinds to 3 cups of simmering water along with cloves and cinnamon sticks. This gets rid of any bad food smells in your home!

10. Create blonde highlights by spritzing lemon juice in your hair and sitting in the sun.

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