Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ten Minute Makeover
 A few weeks back, we stopped in at Habitat For Humanity and found this rough looking stool-type thing.  Right away, my husband and I had the same idea for it...a plant stand for outside!  I think it cost us three whole dollars! 
I tipped it upside down and sprayed the legs with some white spray paint.  It literally took all of ten minutes.  After it dried, I found the perfect spot for it on our front patio.  I added our Petunias that are growing like crazy to the top of it....
And here it is all done!
 I love finding random stuff like this to add to our yard.  Better yet, it was so inexpensive. 
 It brightens up the front of our home so nicely.  It will also be useful for fall when I can stack some pumpkins and gourds on it!
Speaking of pumpkins, ours are growing like weeds right now along with other veggies and flowers we planted in the Spring. 
I snapped some shots this morning of what we have growing.

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