Monday, July 23, 2012

Outdoor Decor
 Thanks to the Habitat For Humanity store, we yet again have a very inexpensive project!  While browsing around, we found this chair that was $5 and half off.  As you can tell, it's missing some slats on the back and has some paint spots. 
 Right next to it, were a few chipped Terra Cotta pots!  ONE WHOLE DOLLAR.  Quite the deal when you don't mind it looking used!
The chair plus the pot = the perfect planter!
 Our pie plate happened to be the perfect size to trace for cutting a hole in the chair!  You know some of those moments when you're not sure what to use for a project and you grab a random item and it's just perfect.  Well, the pie place was that random item that just worked!
 While my husband cut the hole in the chair, I went and picked out some pretty flowers.  Impatiens work perfect for this spot.  They get a few hours of morning sun, and the rest of the day are perfectly shaded!  Four dollars for all of them.
 Isn't she pretty, and so perfectly weathered looking!
I don't mind the little blob of paint on the it character.
 It sits right by our back door waiting to welcome any visitors.
I just love the interest it adds to the front of our home!

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