Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Where Did It Come From?
 Where did the obsession with owls come from?  Anybody know?  I know they are very trendy in the blogging world and few years ago I would have thought you were crazy if you wanted to put an owl in my living room.  However, after discovering thrift stores and being obsessed with trying to make junk into treasure, I just love finding a fun statue to make over. 
There is something about the owl that is so intriguing.  The wonderful, big eyes and the scallop pattern on the chest adds so much texture to a boring space in a room. 
 I know I'm following a trend, but it's one that's fun to follow.  Especially when you find them in thrift stores or in discount home stores.  The fun, blue one above we found at ROSS.  I'm am always so proud of my thrift store finds, but every once in a while buying something from a regular store is fun too. 
 I know what you're thinking....too much!  But, it's actually quite large. About the size of a basketball.
 The rest of my collection actually does come from thrift stores.  This little guy is from a Habitat For Humanity store.  You can see what he used to look like {HERE}
 This one has gone through two transformations.  Gray, then Green then White.  You can see what he used to look like {HERE}
 And this little one is from Goodwill.  It used to be an ugly little planter.  Can you believe it was ever ugly?!  Go {HERE} to check it out.
 This growing collection of mine is all displayed in one of my favorite spots in our home.  I don't think I've ever showed you what this bookshelf looked like when we found it. I'll share it with you soon!
Do you have a growing collection?  Please share with me on my FB page.  Might just make for a fun post!


  1. oh... I love your little {or big! } owl!! :)

  2. I think owls are so cute and I love your new one!

  3. Sharing on me fb page. Woo doesn't like owls?

  4. Tanya... This is way cute! I'm always looking for owls, since you made over your very first one. Never seem to find any though. :P Love this bookcase too! Looks fantastic!! Great job, girly!

  5. I love owls too...not sure how it started either. I love your collection and how you have them displayed!