Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DIY Blue Jars
 I'm sure everyone has seen the DIY tutorials floating around on Pinterest about how to make your own blue tinted jars.  I've looked up so many of them and I'm sure there is a ton a better ways to do this, but I used what I had on hand. 
 Some empty jars, Mod Podge and food coloring.  I think the next time I try this, I will try the glossy finish Mod Podge instead of the matte finish.  You can tell in the picture above that mine came out a little cloudy looking. 
 All I did was added some Mod Podge to an empty tin can, tinted it with a few drops of blue and couple green.
*there is no exact number...tint it to whatever color pleases you.
 I put some tin foil under my jars to protect my table and to catch any extra drips.
 Here is the one I did all painted on and starting to dry.
 My husband even joined me while doing this project.  I guess it caught his interest.  He made his a little bit darker. To be honest, it turned out better than mine.  HMMM, maybe I should have him do these small projects with me more often. 
 Here they are almost done.  It took a few hours for them to dry, so be patient.
 Here they are completely done with a candle inside.  The little one in the back I did later that day because we had and empty jelly jar.  On that one, I tried tinting the inside instead of the outside.  I can't put a candle in it, but I'm sure I can find some other treasures to put in it.
 I really, really want to try the glossy Mod Podge now.  I'm curious to see if it turns out more clear.  I am happy with these ones though.  I think they look really pretty with a candle inside.
 If you've done any of these, please share with me what products work best for you!
I was rearranging things in my kitchen today and decided to put them all in an old coke box along with some clear mason jars and a candle holder.  Grouped together, I think they look pretty cute!


  1. I've never heard of it being done with tinted Mod Podge - now I have to try that! Thanks for the idea.

  2. Hey Tanya... def try the gloss modpodge it will give you a clear finish...I just did a couple more for my mantel
    And used both the glue method and the gloss Modpodge...the glue gives them a frosted look like the ones you made...which turned out very pretty .....xo

  3. These look great. Great first try - I feel inspired.