Friday, September 10, 2010

A Festive Fall Wreath
This is another easy way to decorate for the Fall season! Plus, it was FREE. I had a leaf garland that I used to put on our fireplace mantle; however, we moved and I no longer have a mantle to decorate. So, how to use the garland? I had some floral wire that I wrapped around a cooking pot to make a circle. I did this 3 times around and then wrapped the wire around itself once to hold it all together, then created a loop at the top so it would be easy for hanging! Super simple.
Next step..take apart the garland.

Luckily, the set of 3 leaves on the garland already had wire attached to the bottom. This made the next step way too easy.

I took two segments of the leaves(6 leaves all together) stacked them on top of each other, then started wrapping them around the wire wreath form.

All around the wreath, you'll want overlap the leaf segments till you fill the entire wreath form! Finally, you'll want to fluff your wreath and make any adjustments before hanging it! I chose to hang mine over the mirror in our living room!

I love how it turned out. It looks so pretty for the Fall season. And, it was FREE!


  1. That turned out so full and pretty! I agree that the best part is that it was free. :)

    Visiting from Tatertots and Jello...


  2. that looks great. i am not in love with my fall wreath anymore, and i am loving this idea!

  3. Now that is so NIFTY THRIFTY...thanks for sharing it at my party. Please be sure to post my party button or link my blog name on your post so all your friends can see which parties that you are attending...thanls.


  4. Very cute! I love it when you can make something new out of something old and at NO COST! Looks great!

  5. beautiful!
    how about you!!! that really is something to brag about, because it is gorgeous & thrifty. good for you!

    thanks so much for linking up to the FALL FESTIVAL! hope to see you next week. i adore you linking up each week! thanks again.