Friday, July 16, 2010

Alki BeachCheck Spelling
So, I saved this piece of driftwood knowing that I would have some use for it eventually! I've been looking for something to hang in our bathroom and finally it came to me....this would be perfect. My husband gave me the idea of what to write on it. Alki Beach...the very place we married each other 5 years ago. Here is how I did it.

First thing, make sure the board is clean of all dirt, sand, etc. Then, I chose a paint color that I love...a pale blue! Don't ask what brand or color it is, I mixed several colors of paint together that I had on hand till I got to the perfect shade of blue. Then let dry.

Next, I painted on Alki Beach. Just freehand....I didn't want it to look store bought.

As soon as the lettering is dry, take a fine sandpaper to it until it looks as rustic and worn as you'd like. Super simple!

So, remember the candle holders with the seashells? Well, I took one of the orange ones and hot-glued it to the end of the board. I love the color contrast of the pale blue and orange. Very pretty!

Finally, it was hung in our bathroom. It looks perfect. I LOVE, LOVE how this turned out. Not only was it easy, but very frugal: Free driftwood, and paint and seashells I already had on hand.

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  1. Oh I love Alki beach! We lived on Alki Beach for the first year of our marriage. We miss Pegausus Pizza, The Alki Bakery (gone I think), and Spuds Fish and Chips!! Yummmmm