Thursday, August 30, 2012

 Is anyone else excited for Fall and Halloween?  Besides Summer, it's my favorite time of year.  Beautiful weather, colors, smells, anything Pumpkin, football....ahhhh, I love it! 
Guess what?!  One lucky follower will be the recipient of this BOO bunting. 
First, let me give you the tutorial and then I'll tell you how you can win.
 For the fabric, I simply used some drop cloth material we had on hand.  It's pretty cheap and you get a ton of it.  Plus, it looks like linen. 
I have a template that I cut out of a cereal box that I use over and over.  Trace the template onto the fabric and cut it out.
 Next up, I used a plain ol' stencil.  Oh, how I would love to have Cricut so I could pick out my own font! 
 I don't like how parts of the letters are separated, so I just painted them in by hand.  Super easy.
 I wanted the fabric to have a little more of an aged look, so I dipped them in day old coffee and let them dry overnight.  Gives them just a bit more character.
After they were completely dry, I hot glued some twine to the back and...
A fun bunting to put up almost anywhere in your home to celebrate All Hallows Eve. 
So, if you want to win one here are the rules:
1. You must be a follower of my blog and/or like my Blog Facebook Page and leave a comment that you are. That will equal one entry.  You can find my FB Page {HERE}
2. Share the giveaway on your blog and/or FB page and leave a comment that you did. This will be entry number 2.
3. Please leave a comment on what your favorite thing about Fall is.  This will be the third and final entry. 
You have up to 3 entries!
I will do a random pick two weeks from today...September 12. 
Good luck!
If you're not a blog follower/reader, leave a comment on my Facebook Page {HERE}
One comment on my FB page will equal one entry!
*You much "like" my FB page to comment.
Good luck! 


  1. This is adorable! I have been seeing drop cloth everywhere lately, guess that's another band wagon I'm going to have to jump on! I would love this for my front door this fall.

  2. My favorite thing about fall is the fashion, boots, jeans, sweaters, scarves, hats <3 love love love

  3. My favorite thing about fall is the weather here in the valley. Not too cold, not too hot... JUST RIGHT! Also Fall food :) haha.

  4. Liked you on facebook. I love FOOTBALL and anything pumpkin!

  5. Too many favorite things about Fall is the crisp mornings but warm days, layering clothes and breaking out all my hoodies that remind me of the northwest and that my birthday is on Halloween! :-) ~Jenna

  6. My favorite thing about the fall is all the warm colors, plus when the weather gots colder it's nice to cuddle up with the ones you love for some quality time!

  7. Oh I also "like" your Facebook page :) I am so excited for the fall! Especially Halloween! It's my favorite!

  8. Cute favorite thing about fall is the leaves. However, now I live in a desert, so falling colored
    Leaves are rare. I have to pretend. : )

  9. I follow your blog of course! Love it!!