Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Darcy
Wishing the Happiest 29th Birthday to my little Sister Darcy!  I hope she has a wonderful last year in her 20's.  Next year, we're going to party!  
Love you Darcy.  Happy, Happy Birthday.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wedding Crafts
 I did a blog post back in August that was all about the wedding of my Brother-in-law Gavin to his new wife Brooke! You can read about it {HERE} 
I was lucky enough to help with some of the wedding decor and flowers.  I just love working on wedding stuff.  Every wedding is so personal and so different.  Gavin and Brooke's turned out just beautiful. 
One of the crafts I worked on was bunting.  I made three for their wedding.  LOVE, MARRIED & SWEETS.  Two of which are pictured above.  These two were used for photos and the SWEETS one was used by their dessert buffet.  Here is a quick tutorial on how I made them.
 First I made a template on the back of a cereal box.  A cereal box works great because it is thicker than card stock and it works perfect for tracing onto fabric.  The fabric Brooke and Gavin wanted for their wedding was burlap. 
 Just trace and cut out as many as you need.  This step is pretty easy and goes quite fast.
 I picked out a generic stencil.  I don't like how the letters are separated, but it's an easy fix. 
 After you stencil them on with a sponge, dabber-type brush, all you have to do is fill in the the empty parts with a small paint brush. 
When they were all stenciled and dry, I hot glued twine to the back side of each triangle to create the bunting.
 And this is how they used it for their wedding.  LOVE it! 
 Such an easy prop to make for any wedding photo. 

Here is another quick before and after picture of an easy prop for a wedding.
Take an old, inexpensive thrift store frame....
 and replace the picture with a simple print-out of a monogram! 
Now, how easy is that?  It creates such a cute picture and you can hang the monogram in your home. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dollar Store Owl
 So, my boys and I went to our local Dollar Tree yesterday in search of Green candy for my son's Birthday coming up. {He's having a HULK party} Anyways, we found this little guy and he just had to come home with us. 
He received the white spray paint treatment like the rest of my thrift store owls have, and look at him now.... 
 All fancy looking like he stepped out of a Pottery Barn or Anthropologie Magazine.  Amazing what some white paint can do.
 He's perched up on a shelf with some squash or mini-pumpkins {whatever you want to call them} that we actually grew in our yard!  Free, free, free is always the best for our budget. 
The old window came with the barn door that we made into a coffee table.  And, the FALL bunting was something I whipped up while working on some friends wedding decor.  I'll be sharing photos of the wedding at a later time.  I also wrapped some twine around a candle holder to give it a little Fall touch. 
If you have a Dollar Tree around, you should run out and find yourself this adorable owl.  Maybe buy a few and make some for friends.  Simple, frugal and really cute.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Barn Door Turned Table
 Here is a project that my husband and I worked on early in August.  We were given these old doors, hinges and all by my husband's co-workers.  Well, by his boss really.  The city that my husband works for had torn down an old structure and had a few doors, windows and old wood.  They asked if we would want any of it.  That's a silly question for people who love to take old things and make them new!  We sure did want them. 
I knew exactly how I wanted to use the doors! They were perfect for an over sized, rustic coffee table.  Thanks to my husband who is handy, dandy with a saw this is what we came up with. 
It turned out awesome!
Perfectly rustic and absolutely our taste.  You think I would have kept if for myself, right?  Well, as much as we loved it, we really want to start selling stuff that we make. 
Guess what, we SOLD it!  It was our first sale.  Yay!
We're slowly working on a site to start selling our creations.  We already have a logo in the making.  We hope to start locally and build up to sending items all over. 
This is the first step into something really exciting!  Wish us luck.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We Have A Winner!
Today is the day!!! Using the random number generator, here is our WINNER...
(not sure why I couldn't get the box up on my blog post, but I promise #7 was the first number picked when I hit the Generate button.)
Symptom RecitalAugust 30, 2012 9:15 AM

Too many favorite things about Fall is the crisp mornings but warm days, layering clothes and breaking out all my hoodies that remind me of the northwest and that my birthday is on Halloween! :-) ~Jenna

Jenna, you are the winner!!!  Happy Early Birthday to you. I will try and contact you through e-mail.  Congratulations!!!!