Saturday, September 15, 2012

Barn Door Turned Table
 Here is a project that my husband and I worked on early in August.  We were given these old doors, hinges and all by my husband's co-workers.  Well, by his boss really.  The city that my husband works for had torn down an old structure and had a few doors, windows and old wood.  They asked if we would want any of it.  That's a silly question for people who love to take old things and make them new!  We sure did want them. 
I knew exactly how I wanted to use the doors! They were perfect for an over sized, rustic coffee table.  Thanks to my husband who is handy, dandy with a saw this is what we came up with. 
It turned out awesome!
Perfectly rustic and absolutely our taste.  You think I would have kept if for myself, right?  Well, as much as we loved it, we really want to start selling stuff that we make. 
Guess what, we SOLD it!  It was our first sale.  Yay!
We're slowly working on a site to start selling our creations.  We already have a logo in the making.  We hope to start locally and build up to sending items all over. 
This is the first step into something really exciting!  Wish us luck.
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