Thursday, September 16, 2010

During the fall/Halloween season, I normally use real CANDY CORN to surround a candle in a glass hurricane! This year, I thought it would be fun to try something a little more substancial. Not only was this a fun project, but it was really easy and very frugal. Here is what you'll need:
1 Cup Salt
1 Cup Flour
1/2 Cup Water+ a little more if your
mixture isn't coming together
Pretty much everything you probably have on hand!!

Mix together till you form a ball

Next, preheat your oven to 200 degrees while you're sculpting your
This takes a little time to get the right shape, but after a while it is really easy. I just took a knife to create the lines that separate the 3 colors.

Line them up on your baking sheet and stick into your 200 degree oven for 2 hours. I checked them every 30 mins or so to make sure they weren't burning. I even let them sit 24 hours after to completely dry them out.

Next, you might have some rough edges...just take an emery board or a fine piece of sandpaper to scrape them off. (notice the little, helping son Jaxon helping Mommy)

I used the traditional White, Orange and Yellow! The Folkart paints I bought at Wally World for .99 cents each. Three dollars for this whole project is not too shabby!

Fun, bright colors; however, I wanted them a little more muted and antique looking. A little bit of watered down brown paint does the trick. * Just be sure to wipe it off quickly because it adheres to white paint very fast and you just want a hint on brown!!!

Drying....patiently waiting :)

Finally, into the hurricane they go. They are soooo cute! I love how they turned out.

Something FUN, FRUGAL and DIFFERENT for Halloween this year.
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  1. Ok, I'm seriously and completely in love with your candy corns!!! Fantastic project!!

    I'm saving this to try!! :)

  2. Love it. Are they very heavy after they bake? I'm wondering if you could stick a skewer through them while they bake and then string them up to make a garland...I'd love you to link this up at my "Get Your Halloween On" party.

  3. very cute...I will try these :) Have a perfect spot for them :)

  4. Cute! Cute! And I wouldn't be tempted to eat them. Just love candy corn!

  5. WOW!! These are so stinkin' cute!!! Fabulous idea!

  6. I love these! How long do they last? If you can reuse them, how do you store them? This is such a great idea! Thanks for the tute!

  7. How cute! I love decorating with candy corn but hate to eat them. This is the perfect solution!

  8. Adorable! What a great and cute idea!

  9. I'm a new follower...I must say I absolutely LOVE these. Way too cute! =]

  10. these are so cute.

    candy corn is such an iconic staple for halloween. you picked the perfect thing to recreate!

    thanks for linking up to the fall festival! have a great week.

  11. Stopping by from The Blessed Nest. Such an adorable idea! Thanks for sharing.

  12. that is so cute! i was going to use real ones in my decorations, but i would so rather EAT them!

  13. Great idea! WOW, so many things amaze me! I gave you an award, go check it out!

  14. I love these, and I even think I could do them. Thanks

  15. These ARE adorable!! Thanks so much for loving Lemon Tree Creations, we're so glad to have you as a reader!!

  16. Awesome idea! I buy real candy corn too and I always feel bad having to throw it out at the end of the season.

  17. Ok, this is a great idea, and I am thinking the possibilities are endless! Candy corn, brooms, pumpkins; you could do anything with this stuff! Thanks for the fabulous idea!

    (stopping by from Under the Table and Dreaming)

  18. Tanya - These are precious! I love the bright colors and they look fantastic as fillers. Thanks so much for linking to the sunday showcase party. I have featured this here:
    Stop by and grab a featured button if you like.

    Hope you are enjoying your week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  19. Loved these! Couldn't stop thinking about them, and made my own!

    I linked back to you too!

  20. Thank you, you inspired me. I have a batch of different sizes in the oven right now